Concrete Costs

Concrete Costs is a flexible software solution that loads actual costs by activity, resource or project phase into a project scheduling or project contract control system.

Concrete Costs benefits project managers, contract administrators and accounting organizations. Actual costs are typically retrieved from a cost accounting system.

Concrete Costs is frequently used to support earned-value reporting. Concrete Costs was initially designed for construction projects, but may be used with complex projects in other industries.

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Concrete Costs

  • Automates the entry of actual cost information into your project scheduling or contract administration system
  • Accommodates differing cost and work breakdown structures
  • Eliminates double entry
  • Preserves your existing accounting controls

Depending on your requirements, Concrete Costs may optionally perform additional tasks:

  • Synchronize cost codes, resources, resource cost rates and other reference information across applications
  • Automatically record cost commitments in the accounting system based on actions taken in contracting systems
  • Integrate with document control systems

Scheduled or On-Demand

Concrete Costs includes a web-based control panel, background data transfer processes, and data transformation rules configured for your environment.

Transfer cost information automatically on a schedule, or when you determine that a period's costs are final.

Adapt the software to your work processes, not the other way around.

External System Integration

Concrete Costs integrates with

  • Oracle Primavera P6
  • Oracle Primavera Contract Manager
  • Multiple 3rd party cost accounting systems

Integration with additional 3rd party applications is possible - contact us for details.

Technical Design

Concrete Costs works in a "core + adapter" model. Core functionality, such as the transfer of costs and the mapping between CBS and WBS structures, is provided by Concrete Costs’s core component. Adapter modules provide support for specific 3rd party software packages. This design enables Concrete Costs to be extended to support additional 3rd party software products readily.

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