Concrete Progress

Concrete Progress is sophisticated, web-based construction progress reporting software for building owners and general contractors.

Contractors use Concrete Progress to report progress easily, assemble progress payment requisitions automatically, and get paid faster.
Owners use Concrete Progress to control projects effectively, manage budget and schedule exceptions, and track contractor work in detail.

Concrete Progress enables

  • Rapid reporting and review of installed quantities
  • Immediate feedback on budget and schedule compliance
  • Daily cost and schedule control system
  • Audit trail of updates
  • Auto-generate progress payment applications
  • Tight integration with third-party scheduling and accounting software
  • Exception-based management of missing data, over-budget conditions and unusual events

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Concrete Progress benefits owners by providing them with fine-grained, up-to-date information on the progress of construction projects. Owners can review work immediately upon completion, streamline inspections and integrate inspection results into the progress payment process, and manage progress at a single site or across geographically distributed projects. Exception-based notifications and dashboard reports keep owners informed when budgets are exceeded, when progress reports are late, and how current projects compare with historical averages.

Concrete Progress benefits general contractors by enabling rapid, efficient reporting of progress from office or field staff using any modern browser; by communicating review and budget status immediately; and by automatically preparing complex payment applications from approved progress reports. Contractors experience reduced cost and complexity in complying with owner reporting requirements. Most importantly, contractors can communicate with owners more efficiently and get paid faster.

Using Concrete Progress data

Use detailed Concrete Progress data for

  • Control over complex projects
  • Preparation and review of progress payment applications
  • Communication of project and budget status
  • Geospatial reporting and analysis
  • Automatic cost-loading of scheduling systems
  • Earned value reporting
  • Financial and schedule forecasting

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